The countdown is on for WEFTEC 2019, where 500 papers will be presented by industry experts from across the world.

Our analysts have already reviewed the presentations and abstracts in detail to come up with key recommendations in four categories – consultants, academic, utility and tech company.

Today, we focus on the top 10 consultant papers

In the North American water market, in particular, consulting engineers act as the gatekeepers. An important part of crossing the chasm, is to gain the trust and confidence of consultants who will then be comfortable to recommend or specify a process type.

We find that once consultants get to grips with a new concept, they quickly become an oracle, with both a detailed knowledge of the solution and its benefits and an objective view of the bigger picture and its wider significance.

Our top 10, which can be seen in the table below, includes papers from:

Hazen and Sawyer, which discusses reuse system design, specifically, how the synergies between mainstream wastewater treatment and advanced treatment systems should be considered in order to optimise operations – a subject that is relevant to the majority of wastewater treatment facilities.

AECOM, which looks at a promising way to make existing assets work harder – granulation could be the key to unlocking capacity in a lot of treatment plants.

CDM Smith, with an interesting overview of the technology adoption throughout the US of more recent disinfection methods, particularly UV and use of Peracetic Acids (PAAs).

Stantec, with another PAA-related paper, one of the hot topics of the moment.

Black & Veatch, on the potential benefits of adapting aerobic granular sludge methods, such as Nereda, for use in continuous flow (as opposed to sequencing batch reactor) wastewater treatment systems.

Our recommendations have been generated from our top 100 WEFTEC 2019 list, which maps to the key technology themes we track on behalf of our blue-chip clients. In the run up to WEFTEC, we will be announcing our top 10 from the remaining three categories.

We hope you find these insights valuable.

As a market intelligence company specialising in water industry innovation, WEFTEC is a valuable source of information for us, too.

All the details gathered will help us set the agenda for our own BlueTech Forum 2020, which takes place in Vancouver, Canada, from June 3 to 5. Follow us on Twitter @BlueTechR and Linkedin for updates.