BlueTech Research are pleased to announce our participation in the European H2020 REWAISE (REsilient WAter Innovation for Smart Economy) project. Led by Aqualia, this 5-year initiative kicked off last week and aims to change the way we look at water by evaluating some new emerging technologies. The project will aim to demonstrate:

• ‘value from water’ by recovering nutrients and minerals
• ‘value in water’ by focusing on the economic value of water
• ‘value through water’ as an important part of society by developing a digital platform that supports decision-making in managing water.

This project will assess innovative technologies including magnesium recovery from brine, vivianite recovery from sludge, drinking water treatment using ceramic NF/UF membranes, and many others. The work will be undertaken by researchers at nine different labs in Poland, Sweden, the UK and Spain. In addition to creating new value chains, the project also aims to evaluate the social impact that the implementation of the assessed technologies will have.

BlueTech’s role will be to lead a work package that looks into new business models and investment strategies for water innovation. More information on the REWAISE project can be found here.