At BlueTech Research, our partners and clients are part of our community. We thrive on collaborating, exchanging ideas and learning from each other to find solutions to global water issues.

Having a presence at industry events worldwide is integral to that. Not only do we get to meet long-standing friends from the BlueTech community, we connect with new innovators, experts and end-users all with a shared purpose and a common goal. As our community grows, so does our passion and enthusiasm for what we do.

With 25,000 visitors and 1,000 exhibitors from 140 countries, Aquatech Amsterdam 2019 is one of the best platforms to immerse ourselves in the global water network.

Once again, we host the Innovation Pavilion, where we will be joined by 10 start-ups, handpicked by our analysts who believe they will have a big impact on the future of water. They represent disruptive new innovation, possibly upsetting old business models and causing a ripple effect to the water industry – and two have been nominated for an Aquatech Innovation Award.

You’ll find the Innovation Pavilion in an exciting new area – Future Water Square, which looks to uncover what the future of water holds.

Here is an overview of what will be happening in both our Innovation Pavilion and the Future Water Square. We look forward to seeing you there.

Innovation Pavilion

Guided tours – At 11am each morning BlueTech analysts will guide you through the Innovation Pavilion where you can meet all our showcase companies. Each will give a brief introduction to their technologies, the problems they solve, their value proposition, current stage of development and future outlook – 5, 6 and 7 November.

Breakfast briefing – Our research analysts will give expert views on emerging trends and opportunities, crisis driven markets and our theory of disruptive innovation. Exclusive to BlueTech clients – 6 November, 8.00am.

Drinks reception and Brave Blue World trailer – Join a special screening of the new trailer for our upcoming Brave Blue World documentary, served with recycled beer – 6 November, 5.00pm, sponsored by @DuPont.

One-to-one meeting – Book appointments with any of our showcase companies to learn more about the technologies they offer around phosphorous recovery, zero liquid discharge, fat, oil and grease management, zero liquid discharge and bacterial sensing technology

Future Water Square

EU Innovation Events – Showcasing projects funded by the EU, through Horizon 2020 and European Innovation Programme on Water (EIP Water).

Sarphati Sanitation Symposium – Inspired by Dr Samuel Sarphati, a full day symposium to discover and explore innovative sanitation methods, funding instruments and ways to increase awareness – 6 November.

Micropollutant removal workshop – Presenting first results on research carried out by the Dutch Water Partners – 7 November.

Head along to the Future Water Square to discover these highlights, as well as an event for Future Water Leaders and a focus on Recovered Resources. And of course, you can catch up with the BlueTech team at the Innovation Pavilion every day during Aquatech 2019.