This paper develops a set of criteria that can be used to study industry adoption and dissemination of water technologies through various stages of a market adoption model. It tests the applicability of these criteria on a diverse array of over 488 water technologies. Based on case studies, it seeks to define the typical and reasonable time frames in which a water technology moves through these defined stages of industry adoption and dissemination. The development of these criteria, and the definition of reasonable industry average timelines to move through these stages, is an important contribution to the understanding of the process of water technology development. The criteria and defined timelines described in this paper are foundational, and will be used as the basis for subsequent research and analysis to examine the success rates for different water technologies, and common factors linked to why some technologies succeed and others fail.

Authors include: Paul O’Callaghan, Glen Daigger, Lakshmi Adapa, and Cees Buisman.

Read full paper here: Development and Application of a Model to Study Water Technology Adoption