The global water industry is gearing up for WEFTEC 2019, which is only a few days away.

As the biggest event of its kind in North America, with inspiring speakers from around the world, delegates can expect to be inundated with a choice of high-quality presentations.

That’s why we have been announcing our key recommendations of innovators, trend-setters and leaders, to point you in the direction of what we believe will be most insightful, looking across four categories – consultants, academic, utility and tech company.

Today, we focus on the top 10 papers from water utilities

As the all-important voice of the customer, it is always valuable hearing from utilities to find out what they are thinking, what they are excited about in the industry and who is leading the way.

We believe those in our top 10 are among the most influential in terms of cutting-edge innovation. Utilities value the opinion of their peers, so their presentations should also be insightful from this perspective.

Our WEFTEC top 10 is listed below and includes:

Emily Zegers, City of Toronto, who will talk about the city’s new data management platform, including an area we do not think is discussed enough in the hype over digital solutions – how to ensure the incoming data is clean.

Susanna Julber, City of Bend, Oregon, will take a deeper look at affordability, relevant to the recent trend for taking communities off septic systems – this paper highlights why.

Zita Yu, West Basin MWD, discusses partnership opportunities to increase recycled water demand in coastal Los Angeles County. With insights on the unique utility model, which features multiple ‘fit for purpose’ outlets, this will be of interest to industrial end-users.

We hope our WEFTEC top picks continue to provide valuable guidance.
Our final top 10, focusing on technology companies, will be published soon.
See previous blogs for our top 10 consultants’ and academic papers.

As a market intelligence company specialising in water industry innovation, WEFTEC is a valuable source of information for us, too. All the details gathered will help us set the agenda for our own BlueTech Forum 2020, which takes place in Vancouver, Canada, on June 3 to 5. Follow us on Twitter @BlueTechR and Linkedin for updates.