Paul O’Callaghan, CEO, BlueTech Research, completed his PhD Thesis at Wageningen University – “The Dynamics of Water Innovation – Insights into the rate of adoption, diffusion and success of innovative water technologies globally.”

Understanding how long it takes for new water technologies to diffuse into the market, the different drivers that can affect the rates of technology adoption, the diverse types of innovation that exist and how to measure and quantify market impact, are some of the topics that are covered in this thesis. The ideas discussed and the models developed will provide a common shared basis, to support water industry professionals, water technology researchers, new start ups in the water sector and many others, to further water research, potentially one day even answering the question: can the disruptive potential of an innovation be predicted?

Paul would like to thank who all helped along the way, sharing data and their own experiences on introducing new technologies. The journey has been very rewarding and provided an enriching opportunity to view this topic through an academic lens.

Here is a link to the PhD Thesis and we welcome all feedback and hope you find it useful in your adventures in water