BlueTech Forum is pleased to welcome Apana, a specialist IT and data company, to its Innovation Showcase, which is taking place in San Francisco on 1 June 2016. Eleven companies are taking part in the event, each representing a different aspect of innovation in water technology.

Apana came about when co-founders Matt Rose and Frank Burns noticed that efficient water use was still not being designed into the built environment and created a monitoring system that could be retrofit into any plumbing system to identify water wastage.

Controllable expense

“There’s inherent water waste in buildings,” says Rose. “Financial directors usually treat water as a non-controllable expense in their budgeting, they don’t know that it’s possible to manage water like an inventory item. That’s how Apana’s conversation with clients usually starts.”

“The next stage would be to determine what sort of water monitoring system would make sense within their environment and what would be the expected return for investing into this type of product. We are directly impacted by the cost of water and sewerage within the specific geographical area of individual premises.”

The technology – also called APANA – comprises a proprietary Internet of Things monitoring system, which interconnects sensors placed throughout the water or sewerage system. Sensor kits can easily be installed by a commercial plumber and, owing to APANA’s high-resolution data, surprisingly few sensors are required to fully monitor a system.

Pinpoint wastage

Rose says, “The three buzz words for our system are – scan, pinpoint and guide. APANA scans everything that’s consuming water within a building – 24/7 – and once it detects an anomaly, we have high performance analytics that can pinpoint a wastage event and guide the frontline worker on how to resolve it.

“It’s like a security system for finding water waste that moves beyond dashboards,” says Rose. “A dashboard requires someone to know what to do with the data and think about it.

“If I tell you that the building you’re in right now is using four times the amount of water today as it did yesterday, where do you start to look? We can pinpoint the wastage and say, for example, ‘It looks like you have a problem with the cooling tower please call your provider.’”

Apana’s target market is industrial, commercial and institutional clients with buildings that consume over 18Ml a day. The company already has 130 monitoring systems installed in buildings belonging to global retailer Costco Wholesale, which is saving them an average of 22% on reduced water consumption. The system is also installed in three car washes – showing savings of 30% – several hotel chains and a variety of industrial clients.

Market potential

Dr. Corina Carpentier, a specialist in online sensors and real-time monitoring said, “Smart sensors connected through the Internet of Things have the potential to dramatically change the nature of water management in buildings. As water shortage becomes more common, towns, cities and large water users around the world are looking for ways to make their systems more resilient and proactive. This is an area of the market set for rapid expansion.”

Paul O’Callaghan, chief executive of BlueTech Research says, ““We are delighted to be welcoming Apana to the BlueTech Forum in June. Eleven companies will be taking part, each representing a different aspect of innovation in water technology.

“APANA caught our attention because they have developed an IoT solution geared towards the commercial sector suitable for use in buildings.   This is an untapped market when it comes to data and monitoring solutions focused on water conservation and loss reduction. Matt and the team at Apana also had some compelling case studies where the value of the solution had been demonstrated.”

Looking to the future, Matt Rose says, “When you go to buildings in all the big cities, water is an afterthought, there’s no one really managing it. Ten years from now we could see all the buildings being touched by our technology in some way, that’s our goal, our vision.”

Smart water agenda

Alongside the Innovation Showcase, BlueTech Forum 2016 is hosting eleven Roundtable Briefings including one directly relevant to smart control systems:

  • Online Sensors and Predictive Analytics, hosted by Dr Corina Carpentier, O2 Environmental team starts at 9.00am.

The conference will also include a panel discussion to explore how mega trends in the areas of the Internet of Things, big data, sensors and predictive analytics will affect the water industry. Assessing the impact of 4th Industrial Revolution on the Water Industry will take place at 16.00pm on 1st June

BlueTech Forum is taking place on 1st June in San Francisco.

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