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Industrial corporations face increasing pressure to become more sustainable in their water usage. Competition over water resources combined with the impact of climate change and tougher regulations mean greater challenges are continually emerging. This is driving a need for technologies that will deliver smarter, more environmentally-sensitive water systems that will ensure availability of resources, reduce the cost of compliance and mitigate the risk of reputational damage.

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BlueTech’s custom-built online Intelligence Platform holds a vast bank of data and specialist insight into water technologies and their markets. We track the competitive landscape of all current and emerging water technologies and use our bespoke data-modelling tool to directly compare their offerings so you can identify the best solutions. We also provide insight into the technology solutions industry peers around the world are choosing and reveal existing best practice.

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Our monthly Intelligence Briefings ensure you are fully up-to-date with key information about new technologies, industry activity and global market trends. For a more detailed analysis, BlueTech reports provide detailed analysis on key market segments, technology areas and companies in the water space. Each one is followed up with a live web-briefing with our team of experts and allows for interactive discussion.

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Case Studies

Client:Multinational consumer goods corporation

Project Title:Water Reuse Study: Feasibility and Technology Scan

Technology Asset Mapping for Water Reuse in Consumer Goods Manufacturing

Technology Asset Mapping for Water Reuse in Consumer Goods Manufacturing

1. Water Reuse Study: Feasibility and Technology Scan

Client: Multinational consumer goods corporation

Client Needs:

The client was looking to advance internal sustainability goals through reduced water use by reusing site wastewater as process make-up water. This required a review of suitable treatment technology that could treat wastewater to process water specifications, while being innovative enough to potentially skip steps in the internal sustainability roadmap by means of higher water recovery, reduced cost, or reduced waste. This was complicated by the fact that wastewater generated at site contained highly recalcitrant organics that standard treatments had failed to address in the past. Overall, the client was looking to review a combination of earlier stage, innovative technologies (where they could be an early adopter), as well as more well-established technologies that had been proven in other industries or market applications. A surrogate site was selected for the analysis, with the idea that the client would be able to replicate the results of the study at multiple sites across their global asset base.

Our Approach:

To achieve our client’s needs, BlueTech sourced suitable technologies from our online Innovation Tracker of differentiated technologies and contacted our network of Subject Matter Experts to obtain their opinion on suitable technologies. An overview of all technologies considered was provided to the client. Vendors were contacted and provided water quality data and treatment specifications so cost estimates and expected water quality after treatment with their process could be provided. This was done for several possible treatment train combinations for the segregated waste streams at the site (to realize synergies in treatment efficiency and decreasing treatment cost). After vendor data was returned, BlueTech modelled several treatment trains for different waste stream combinations, providing expected final water quality, and estimated costs.


BlueTech made final recommendations on prioritized solutions and the specific vendors that stood out in the analysis. The client began bench-scale testing with several of the technology vendors presented to select which process to advance to pilot-scale testing, prior to finalizing a selection for full-scale deployment.

Divya Inna

Client Relations Director

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