Every email sent, picture posted, or piece of data uploaded is done so using bits processed at a data center. As the internet adds more users, and the internet of things is woven into every aspect of business, demand for data center capacity is expected to grow exponentially. As data centers expand, so too will water requirements.

BlueTech’s latest report investigates the relationship between data centers and water, and maps out the technologies and strategies available to data centers to minimize their environmental impact, as well as identifying the opportunity for the water sector.

About BlueTech Research
BlueTech Research is an independent water technology market intelligence firm. The firm provides actionable insights to a global client base on innovative and disruptive technologies, market direction, market opportunities, and access to intelligence on the companies innovating in the water space. Should readers of this report wish to get assistance in learning more about a certain aspect of the utilization, treatment, processing, or reuse of water in data centers, please contact the team for further details on this report.