Where are the best opportunities in water innovation?

The water scarcity crisis is driving the need for alternative water sources, which is creating enormous technology opportunities in areas such as wastewater treatment and reuse, desalination and resource recovery. There are also exciting opportunities opening up in groundwater remediation and network optimisation, with companies looking to maximise efficiencies and lower the costs of compliance.

We provide independent expert reviews of innovations

BlueTech’s custom-built online Intelligence Platform holds a vast bank of data and specialist insight into water technologies and their markets. We track the competitive landscape of both current and emerging technologies, analysing market shares and growth rates, enabling you to monitor the competition. We show the full range of competitive vendor technologies available and use our bespoke data-modelling tool to compare their offerings. This creates hugely valuable intelligence, if you are looking to manufacture a new technology or want to identify opportunities to improve your go-to-market strategies

Jeff Guild, MASc.

Vice President

Accurate market information is essential

We know that timing is key to being successful in technology markets. Using our expert insight into the markets, BlueTech can help clients anticipate when the optimal time is for launching a new technology. We will also ensure you are kept fully informed about new technologies, industry activity, news and global market trends, through our monthly Intelligence Briefings.

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Which of today’s water innovations will really make an impact?

Water is not just one market, it is made up of many different sectors. We have created a library of insight reports which focus directly on niche areas of the water technology market. These specialist reports are pithy, easily digestible and designed to provide actionable information into these markets.

Each report is followed up with a live web-briefing with our team of experts and allows for interactive discussion.

Solution Providers

Case Studies

Client:Multinational Biotechnology Company, Denmark

Project Title:Water Treatment Strategy and Prioritization Process

1. Water Treatment Strategy and Prioritization Process

Client: Multinational Biotechnology Company, Denmark

BlueTech facilitated a process to define a joint pipeline strategy to meet aggressive financial growth targets in 3-5 years. Ten priority opportunities were prioritized, which met the criteria for a balanced pipeline. The Client required the opportunities to be commercially robust and described in sufficient detail to accelerate short-term and medium-term growth.

Acquisition candidates were identified, validated and incorporated into a plan for execution.

Divya Inna

Client Relations Director

Building a collaborative community

BlueTech understands the importance of working in partnership to achieve successful innovation in the water industry, so we offer our clients direct access to our senior analysts. We also nurture relationships within our community of end-users, vendors, technology providers and investors where we see synergies. Our annual Forum and networking events are carefully curated to generate these mutually beneficial opportunities.

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4th June 2020

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