Divya Inna

Divya Inna is the Client Relations Manager at BlueTech Research. Prior to this, Divya was a water technology market analyst for BlueTech Research, who worked in the Energy and Resource Recovery Practice Area (which includes low energy wastewater treatment, sludge digestion and nutrient removal & recovery, amongst other topics). Divya holds a Masters Degree in Water and Wastewater Engineering from Cranfield University.

Divya has focused the majority of her career on the water utility sector, working within the areas of Operations, Process Optimization, Strategic Asset Planning and Regulation. Most recently, Divya has worked on Insight Reports in the following areas:
• Biotechnology Opportunities in Wastewater Treatment
• Phosphorus Removal and Recovery Technology
• Nitrogen Removal and Recovery Technology

In her current role, Divya ensures that our clients get the most out of their Bluetech experience, by delivering quality, relevant industry intelligence in a timely manner. Divya is also active in researching innovative companies and technologies for inclusion into the BlueTech Innovation Tracker, a database that tracks cutting-edge technologies within the water technology space.

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