Which technologies will deliver future success?

The water and wastewater sector is meeting unprecedented challenges all around the world - including demographic shifts, climate change, water scarcity and ageing infrastructure. In many countries these market conditions combine with toughening regulations and downward pressure on budgets, which is driving the need for technologies that will deliver smarter, cost-efficient, resilient and environmentally-sensitive water systems.

What new opportunities are opening up?

BlueTech’s custom-built online Intelligence Platform holds a vast bank of data and specialist insight into water technologies and their markets. We track the competitive landscape of all current and emerging water technologies, analysing their market shares and growth rates. We also give you valuable insight into the technology solutions used by industry peers and reveal existing best practice.

Jeff Guild, MASc.

Vice President

Our detailed reports offer actionable market intelligence

Our monthly Intelligence Briefing provides key information that you need about new technologies, industry activity and global market trends. For more detailed insight and analysis, we offer BlueTech reports on specific market segments, technology areas and companies in the water space.

Each report is followed up with a live web-briefing with our team of experts and allows for interactive discussion.

Water Utilities and Municipalities

Case Studies

Client:Multinational Biotechnology Company, Denmark

Project Title:Water Treatment Strategy and Prioritization Process

1. Water Treatment Strategy and Prioritization Process

Client: Multinational Biotechnology Company, Denmark

BlueTech facilitated a process to define a joint pipeline strategy to meet aggressive financial growth targets in 3-5 years. Ten priority opportunities were prioritized, which met the criteria for a balanced pipeline. The Client required the opportunities to be commercially robust and described in sufficient detail to accelerate short-term and medium-term growth.

Acquisition candidates were identified, validated and incorporated into a plan for execution.

Divya Inna

Client Relations Director

Building a collaborative community

BlueTech understands the importance of working in partnership to achieve successful innovation in the water industry, so we offer our clients direct access to our senior analysts. We also nurture relationships within our community of corporate water users, technology providers and investors where we see synergies. Our annual BlueTech Forum and networking events provide further opportunities to generate these mutually beneficial opportunities.

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